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UF to Join Ohio Cyber Range Institute

Andrea Blankemeyer | Sat Oct 9, 2021

University of Findlay will be joining the Ohio Cyber Range Institute (OCRI), thanks to the hard work of the faculty and staff within Findlay’s Computer Science Department. “The Ohio Cyber Range Institute supports formal courses, student groups, student research, as well as industry and academic research,” according to OCRI’s website.

UF’s Computer Science Department, along with CentraComm, Findlay City Schools, and Tiffin University, formed a consortium to become an OCRI Regional Programming Center in Northwest/North Central Ohio. OCRI’s web site states, “OCRI Regional Programming Centers (OCRI-RPCs) are designated and supported through the OCRI. These organizations partner in the facilitation, support, and delivery of programming activities directly related to the education, workforce, and economic development missions of the Ohio Cyber Range.”

“UF becoming an OCRI Regional Programming Center partner is great for our students because they get a chance to learn hands on with advanced tools and resources,” said Helen Schneider, Ph.D., associate professor and co-chair of computer science. “By joining this elite group to provide cybersecurity outreach within the state, there will be future opportunities to work with k-12 schools and businesses to make a difference in the cyber preparedness in the state of Ohio.”

To watch as UF and the other leaders of the consortium are named an OCRI Regional Programming Center, register for OCRI’s 3rd Annual Cybersecurity Education Symposium, which takes place virtually on Oct. 13.

To learn more about Findlay’s Computer Science Department, visit UF’s Computer Science Department webpage.

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