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UF Invites Education Alumnus Into the Classroom

Branden Ferguson | Thu Nov 17, 2022

Mitch Augenstein, ’15, M.A.E. ’22 was invited back into a University of Findlay classroom earlier this week. Once a student listening to guest speakers in the classroom, Augenstein found himself on the other side of the desks, talking to current University Education students. Augenstein took the time to talk to a total of three classes during his time back on campus.

“Mr. A” as his 5th grade students call him at Marysville Exempted Village School District, recalls sitting in his education class and listening to alumni speak to him. “It’s very humbling just to remember the amount that I didn’t know…I didn’t know back in college,” said Augenstein. “Seeing these young people excited and interested in teaching is very humbling, because I remember being in their spot.”

Augenstein spent his time talking with students about his experiences in the classroom, while sharing teaching strategies and ideas with current UF education majors. With so much technology being in the classroom, Augenstein took the time to introduce programs that tie in pop-quizzes, friendly competition, and a way to see if students are paying attention to lecture topics. Current UF students then competed to see how much they remembered from Augenstein’s presentation.

“Nowadays, everyone has a similar resume and similar experiences,” said Augenstein, talking about teachers and trying to find a job after graduation. “They (University of Findlay) put you in the field your freshman year to observe and watch. Then your sophomore year, you’re observing and teaching. Junior year you have methods and teach a handful of lesson plans. Finally, you have student teaching.” “I think Findlay has really developed a consistent and successful program to get the kids out there.”

For more information on starting a career in education, obtaining licensure, or to pursue a Master’s Degree in Education, please visit the University of Findlay’s Education Page.

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