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Campus Spirits Raised during 10th Annual Day of Prayer

Natasha Lancaster | Fri Oct 9, 2020

University of Findlay’s Campus Ministry invited the campus community to come together for the 10th Annual Campus Day of Prayer on Thursday, Oct. 8.

Pastor Matt Ginter stated that the Annual Day of Prayer is meant to, “help lift up campus and community in prayer,” by providing an open prayer site, complete with prayer guides.

The event took place at the gazebo in the center of campus from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. During the 13-hour period, students, faculty, and staff were able to visit the location to participate in a quite prayer by themselves or with others. Students wrapped up the day with an  outdoor, acoustic worship lead by the Revive group.

“It’s so important for us as a community to take opportunities like this to pray together, if only as a reminder that we cannot resign ourselves to our efforts alone but desperately need the provisions, the strength, and the direction which only God can provide,” said Ginter.

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