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2021 Thank a Donor Day: A Day of Gratitude for UF Donors

Natasha Lancaster | Thu Feb 18, 2021

Can you count yourself as one of University of Findlay’s wonderful donors? The campus community will be expressing its gratitude for those who have given to the University during Thank a Donor Day on Thursday, Feb. 25.

Kelly Warner, director of annual giving, stated, “Each year, hundreds of students take time out of their busy schedules to stop, write a note of thanks and think about how their everyday experiences are made better by generous donors. University of Findlay donors consist of alumni, faculty, staff, parents, friends, and students (yes, students!) who help make the Oiler experience possible.”

Typically, Thank a Donor Day would be filled with handwritten, heartfelt “thank you” notes and letters by students, faculty, and staff. With the current times being anything but typical, the campus community will show their gratitude for UF’s generous donors in another way. Throughout campus, donor tags and posters will be posted to showcase places and things that wouldn’t be possible without donor support. The University is also taking to social media to further recognize donors and encourage others to comment, post, and share as well. Look for donor highlights on Findlay’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages featuring #ThankUFDonors. 

“Every Oiler, every day, is impacted by philanthropy, whether donor support is designated for scholarships, programmatic needs, structure, or equipment,” said Warner. “On Thank a Donor Day, the campus community celebrates the generosity and impact of UF’s donors.”

Even in challenging times, our community has pulled together to make a difference by providing educational opportunities. Thanks to the generous alumni, parents, faculty, staff, corporations, and foundations who have donated over the years, a UF education has been made possible for many students, and many more to come!

For the 2019-20 academic year:

  • Over $1.3 million in donor-funded scholarships were awarded to students.
  • 740 donor-funded scholarships were awarded to 499 students.
  • 81.3 percent of faculty and staff made gifts to support the University.
  • 103 UF students gave a total of $2,078.


Watch the Thank a Donor Day 2021 video on Findlay’s YouTube channel for a special message from the campus community.

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