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UF’s All Hazards Offering Threat Assessment Management Course for Safer Ohio Schools

Natasha Lancaster | Wed Jun 15, 2022

University of Findlay’s All Hazards Training Center is now offering a Safer Ohio Schools Using Threat Assessment Management course for Ohio schools. This course aligns with the Ohio House Bill Safety and Violence Education Student (SAVE Students) Act which requires every school in the state to create a threat assessment team which must participate in an approved threat assessment training program.

The passing of House Bill (HB) 123 has made it a requirement that schools for grades 6-12 have a trained threat assessment management team, or teams depending on the size of the school, by March 2023. While the requirement has not been extended to K-6 or higher education, the program is available to, and a valuable asset for, all levels of education.

All Hazards’ six-hour Safer Ohio Schools Using Threat Assessment Management course offers instruction in-person or virtually with a “live” instructor and follows U.S. Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) best practices. Participants of the course will be able to enhance their organization’s threat assessment and emergency operation plans as well as gain insight on current crisis training practices from knowledgeable instructors.

Scott Lowry, All Hazards Training Center lead trainer and subject matter expert, said, “This curriculum was written with the intent of not only teaching the philosophy of Threat Assessment Management, but to also bring forward considerations for implementing and conducting effective assessments in the real world.” This means that once they have completed the Safer Ohio Schools Using Threat Assessment Management course, participants will not only have the necessary background knowledge, but also have the tools to effectively implement their plans.

With the Safer Ohio Schools Using Threat Assessment Management course:

  • Participants and their respective schools will be provided with resources such as a sample threat assessment management plan and other supporting forms and documentation.
  • The course integrates real-world scenarios into the lesson plan allowing participants to practice what they’ve learned and identify opportunities for improvement in their threat assessment management plans.
  • Assistance in modifying an existing threat assessment management plan or creating a new one can be provided by All Hazards course instructors.

To submit a training request, visit the Safer Ohio Schools Using Threat Assessment Management course webpage. For more detailed information about the course, contact John Kayser at the All Hazards Training Center at 419-434-5814 or

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